Super Hubert and The Variety Bash

Super Hubert’s work with the children’s charity, Variety started in 1998. His introduction to the charity was just as unorthodox as his build and costume.

“The bloke that used to run the Variety Bash in Sydney and Newcastle saw what I did and said ‘Wow, that’d be different. We ought to bring him to a [Variety] Bash’,” Hubert said. “They were going to fly me, and I thought I’d rather take my ‘Super Car’.”

Hubert is annually invited to the Variety Bash, where he drives across the Australian Outback to raise money. His iconic Super Car – a 1977 Toyota Crown – accompanied him on 20 “Bashes” before he switched to a more comfortable Mitsubishi Pajero. Throughout the event, Hubert entertains kids at schools along the track, and then has to “play catch up” with the other Bashers, who left earlier in the morning.

Children’s Charity – Variety

Super Hubert has been on over 56 Variety bashers in Australia & NZ, doing charity shows at Schools. Super Hubert loves working with children’s charities and for special needs children (and they love him).

In 2003 Hubert was awarded the ‘RICKY MAN’ heart of Variety award; 2007 was awarded the highest award in New Zealand for Variety – The Children’s Compassion award; 2009 he was awarded the INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENTIAL AWARD.

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